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EC Legislative Assembly Contest: tests are rescheduled

EC Legislative Assembly Contest: tests are rescheduled

Legislative Assembly of Ceará (AL CE) contest, with 100 vacancies, had its schedule resumed. Maturities offered reach R$ 4.4 thousand.

The resumption of EC Legislative Assembly contest was made official. The event, governed by public notice No. 01/2020, provides 100 vacancies in middle and senior level positions. Thus, the tests will probably be applied on December 19, 2021.

According to Evandro Leitão, president of AL CE, the tests had to be rescheduled so as not to clash with other important competitions already scheduled, such as the Military Police competition. The AL CE contest had around 33,000 entries on the Cebraspe website, where candidates must follow the new schedule.

The registration fee charged was R$ 80.00 for Legislative Technicians and R$ 120.00 for Legislative Analysts.

Positions of the CE Legislative Assembly competition

Those with secondary education enrolled in the AL CE public tender to compete for the position of Legislative Technician.

For higher education, vacancies were for the position of Legislative Analyst, which will be distributed among the following areas:

Administration, Architecture and Urbanism, Librarianship, Accounting Sciences, Economic Sciences, Legislative Technical Consulting (any undergraduate course), Internal Control (any undergraduate course), Graphic Design, Law, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, IT, Journalism, Portuguese Language – Normative Grammar and Orthographic Review, Psychology and Publicity and Propaganda.

The working day for all positions in dispute will be 30 hours per week. The basic salary will be R$ 2,224.90 for mid-level positions and R$ 4,455.29 for higher-level positions.

AL CE competition exams

The EC Legislative Assembly competition will consist of the following stages:

  • Objective and discursive tests, eliminatory and classifying stages, to be applied to all positions; 
  • Evaluation of qualifications, a stage of a qualifying nature only, to be applied to higher-level positions.

The objective and discursive tests will last five hours and will take place in the morning shift for higher-level positions and in the afternoon for mid-level positions, only in the city of Fortaleza - CE. They are scheduled for December 19, 2021.

The objective test will consist of 70 questions, 20 General Knowledge questions and 50 Specific Knowledge questions.

The maximum score for this step is 120 points, with each Specific Knowledge question having a weight of two, while the General Knowledge questions will have a weight of one.

The content of Specific Knowledge varies according to the area of the position. General Knowledge questions may involve Portuguese language content; Notions of Public Administration; Notions of Administrative Law; Notions of Constitutional Law; Legislation of Institutional Interest; Logical, Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning; and Computer Basics.

Candidates who obtain a minimum score of 10 points in General Knowledge and 25 points in Specific Knowledge will be approved in this first stage.

speech test

The discursive test will be worth 70 points and will consist of writing a dissertation text that should have between 20 and 30 lines on a topical topic.

In order to prepare for the test, it is important to be aware of current issues in Brazil and the world, such as the coronavirus and the global health crisis.

The minimum score for approval in this stage is 35 points and only the essays of candidates approved in the objective test and best classified will be corrected.

securities valuation

The title test will be worth up to 10 points, distributed as follows:

Title points per title Maximum score
Postgraduate course at doctoral level 2.75 points 2.75 points
Postgraduate course at master's level 1.50 points 1.50 points
Postgraduate course at a specialization level with a minimum workload of 360 hours 0.75 points 0.75 points
Professional experience 0.50 points per full year 5 points

All titles, including professional experience, must be related to the area of the position for which the candidate is applying.

Ranking and tiebreaker criteria

The candidate's final grade will be obtained by adding the grades of all stages, when there are more than one. 

In the event of a tie in the final grade obtained by candidates, preference will be given to those who, successively:

  1. Are aged 60 or over on the last day of registration, as provided in the Elderly Statute;
  2. Obtain the highest score in the Specific Knowledge test; 
  3. Obtain the highest score in the General Knowledge test; 
  4. Obtain the highest grade in the discursive test; 
  5. Obtain the highest grade in the title evaluation, if any; 
  6. You are of the highest age; 
  7. Has exercised the role of juror, under the terms of the Code of Criminal Procedure.


O EC Legislative Assembly contest will be valid for two years, starting from the date of publication of the approval of its final result, and may be extended for the same period, only once.

Further information about this public tender can be obtained in its announcement, published on the Cebraspe website.


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