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Consult Brazil Aid by CPF; Check step by step

To check the situation of registrations and amounts by CPF, the Ministry of Citizenship launched a platform for queries: Auxílio Brasil application.

The successor of the defunct Bolsa Familia, Brazil Aid, has already started to be paid by Caixa. Even with the novelty, transfer dates follow the same schedule previously established: always in the last 10 working days of each month. But do you already know if you are entitled to the Brazil Aid installments? It's possible consult the situation by CPF.

The Ministry of Citizenship reported that there are numerous service channels related to the program. In this way, beneficiaries can check the eligibility of the benefit through service terminals, lottery shops, bank branches and Caixa Aqui correspondents. There are also other means that are not face-to-face.

Auxílio Brasil queries can be carried out by Caixa ao Cidadão Customer Service by telephone 111 and also by the Relationship Center of the Ministry of Citizenship by dialing 121. In addition, the federal government has granted access to Auxílio Brasil information directly through the internet, simply by informing the CPF digits.

They exist two main tools to consult the benefit: Auxílio Brasil and Caixa Tem applications. In our article, you can see how each of them works. Both can even be downloaded on cell phones with Android or iOS systems. The Auxílio Brasil app is an updated version of the old Bolsa Família platform.

Consult Auxílio Brasil by CPF: benefit app

At the moment, the average benefit of the Auxílio Brasil is around R$ 220. The government's goal is to guarantee permanent installments of R$ 400 for all those enrolled in the program, but the change depends on the PEC of Precatories. It has already been approved in the Chamber of Deputies and will go to the Senate for further analysis of the text.

The federal government also intends to include more beneficiaries in the transfers of Auxílio Brasil, guaranteeing a total of 17 million beneficiaries. Because only the Former Bolsa Familia Subscribers (14.6 million) are, until then, entitled to payments under the new program.

To check the status of records and values, the Ministry of Citizenship launched a specific platform for queries: the Auxílio Brasil application. It took the place of the old Bolsa Família app and, to check eligibility and other information, beneficiaries need to inform the CPF digits within the platform.

Find out how the first access to the Brazil Aid app:

  • If you don't have it on your cell phone, install the Auxílio Brasil application. It is available for mobile phones with Android or iOS systems. For those who already had the Bolsa Família app installed, the automatic update occurred and there will be no need to download again;
  • After installation, interested parties must open the application and tap “Access”;
  • It is possible to use the tool in two different ways: using the password registered at Caixa Tem or with the code from other platforms (old Bolsa Família app, FGTS and Caixa Trabalhador);
  • If you do not have a password for any of the options listed above, you will need to register briefly in the Auxílio Brasil application. Interested parties should tap the “register” button and then inform personal data, such as CPF, full name, date of birth and e-mail. Once this is done, you will need to enter the password you want to create in the app;
  • The new password must be numerical and cannot be equal to CPF or date of birth. It must have at least six digits, with no repeats in sequence with more than two numbers;
  • After defining the new password, access the message box of the e-mail informed in the registration. The bank, through [email protected], will send a confirmation message. Open the content and click on the blue link;
  • Once this is done, your e-mail will be automatically confirmed by Caixa's system;
  • Return to the Auxílio Brasil app and log in with the registered data, that is, CPF and password;
  • After carrying out these procedures, you will have access to all your benefit information, such as the payment schedule, balance, available amounts, and so on.

who already has account at Caixa Tem can access the information directly through the application. The bank has provided a tutorial on how you can check your balance and statement in the tool. Follow:

Services available in the Auxílio Brasil app

As soon as you are already logged in to the Auxílio Brasil application, you will be able to access numerous resources inside the platform. Check out some of them:

  • Consult the eligibility and value of the installments of the “new” Bolsa Família”;
  • Check all payment calendar dates;
  • Keep track of information on transfers made in the last 12 months;
  • Answer all your questions about Auxílio Brasil and check out tips about the new program.

Further information, in addition, can also be obtained by telephone 0800 726 0207.

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