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Municipality of Várzea Paulista Contest

Contest Municipality of Várzea Paulista, state of São Paulo, opened almost 100 vacancies. Evidence has been rescheduled and is being applied.

The application of exams of the contest City Hall of Várzea Paulista, in the state of Sao Paulo, was resumed. According to the new communiqués from the Vunesp Foundation, the tests that still need to be applied are the following:

  • August 08, 2021 – high school positions;
  • August 15, 2021 – positions of incomplete and complete elementary education. 

To consult the application locations, visit the official website of the Vunespe Foundation, in this link. It is worth remembering that the test for higher education positions was applied on August 1, 2021, according to the Vunesp note. 

The public tender in Várzea Paulista will fill 93 vacancies for professionals with different levels of education and with salaries of up to R$ 8,264.62. Applications were made between November 27 and January 13, 2020. 

Vacancies in the Várzea Paulista contest

Fundamental level professionals may apply for the positions of General Helper (Cleaning and Conservation; and Maintenance and Civil Works), Gardener, Student Assistant, Light Vehicle Driver, Sanitation Agent, Nursing Assistant and Oral Health Assistant.

For medium and technical levels, the vacancies are as follows:

Traffic Inspection Agent, Administrative Assistant, Commerce, Services, Taxes and Posture Inspector, Telecenter Monitor, Accounting Technician, IT Technician, Occupational Safety Technician, Draftsman Designer, Works Inspector, Surveying Technician, Technician in Buildings, Environmental Technician, Zoonosis Control Agent, Pharmacy Assistant, Early Childhood Educator, Social Monitor, Audiovisual Technician, Nursing Technician and Sanitation Technician.

Higher level opportunities are for Management Technician, Planning and Public Management Analyst, Systems Analyst, Architect, Archivist, Tax Inspector, Accountant, Internal Controller, Environmental Engineer, Civil Engineer, Occupational Safety Engineer and Traffic Engineer and Transport.

In addition to the basic salary, other benefits may be granted, such as additional unhealthy work, additional dangerous work, food allowance, transportation allowance, family allowance, additional university degree and/or additional graduation incentive.


The Municipality of Várzea Paulista contest consists of an objective test, to be applied to all positions, and a writing test, to be applied only to the position of Management Technician.

The total time to take the test will be three hours for positions at fundamental, medium and technical levels, three hours and thirty minutes for positions at a higher level, except for Management Technician, who will have four hours and thirty minutes to complete the exam. the objective test, together with the writing test.

To take the tests, the candidate must appear at least 60 minutes in advance, with a black ink pen, original identity document and original proof of payment of the registration fee, in case the candidate is not included in the call notice or in the register of subscribers.

The number of questions on the test varies depending on the position being disputed. The subjects charged in this test also vary, but General Knowledge (Portuguese and Mathematics) and Specific Knowledge may be charged.

The objective test will be worth 100 points and candidates who obtain a minimum score of 50 points will be approved at this stage.

It will only be possible to withdraw from the test site after the 75% time of its duration has elapsed. At the end, the candidate will only be able to take the material provided to check the gauge of the objective test.

tiebreaker criteria

In the event of a tie in the final grade obtained by candidates, the following criteria will be adopted:

  1. Older candidate, among those aged 60 or over, as provided for in the Elderly Statute;
  2. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in Specific Knowledge;
  3. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in Portuguese;
  4. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in Mathematics;
  5. Applicant with the largest number of children under 18 years of age who are their dependents;
  6. Older candidate, among those under 60 years old;
  7. Candidate who proves to have exercised the role of juror;

If the tie persists, there may be a draw in the presence of the candidates involved.


The Municipality of Várzea Paulista competition will be valid for two years, starting from the date of publication of the approval of the final result, and may be extended for the same period, only once.

For further information on this public tender, consult the announcement published on the website of Vunesp Foundation.



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