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Three Passos City Hall selection process

Selection process Três Passos City Hall, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, announces four notices aimed at filling 12 vacancies for various functions.

In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, four notices referring to the Three Steps City Hall selection process were announced. The event will be held by the company SC Training and offer 12 vacancies, in addition to forming a reserve register, for professionals with different levels of education.

Selective process Três Passos City Hall: public notices published

Check out all the details about each of the functions announced in the notices announced by the municipality.

Simplified selection process No. 057/2021

The announcement announced up to two vacancies for the role of Electrician, which has a remuneration of R$ 1,373.09 and a 44-hour week.

To compete for vacancies, the professional must have completed elementary school and proven experience.

Simplified selection process No. 058/2021

There will be up to seven vacancies in the role of Driver, whose remuneration is R$ 2,223.53, in a 44-hour week.

Professionals with complete elementary education and a National Driver's License in category D may apply for vacancies.

Simplified selection process No. 059/2021

The announcement opens a vacancy for Treasurer, with remuneration of R$ 3,117.64 and 188 hours a month.

To compete for the position, it is necessary to have completed high school.

Simplified selection process No. 060/2021

The edict has two different functions, both for actuation in the accounting area.

The first of them opens a vacancy and is for an Accountant, with remuneration of R$ 5,585.17 and a monthly shift of 188 hours. The requirement is a higher level in the area and legal qualification to exercise the profession, with due definitive registration with the professional association.

The other opportunity is for Accounting Technician, also with a vacancy. The remuneration is R$ 3,599.41 for 188 hours per month and professionals with complete secondary education, legal authorization to exercise the function and definitive registration with the professional association may apply.

Applications and public notices for the selection process Três Passos City Hall

Entries are still open until the 1st of August 2021 and will only be carried out via the internet, through the SC Training website. Interested parties should access the links referring to the desired public notice:

In the links provided, candidates will have access to announcements of the selection process Três Passos City Hall. Please read the documents carefully before registering.

The entry fee for all contested functions is R$ 36.12.

How will the candidates be selected?

The evaluation of candidates in all public notices announced will be done in a single stage, consisting of an objective test, to be held on the probable date of August 08, 2021, in the morning shift for notices nº 57 and 60 and in the afternoon for notices nº 58 and 59.

Candidates must attend the test site carrying an identity document, blue or black ink ballpoint pen made of transparent material and wearing a mask.

The objective test will be worth 10 points and will be eliminatory and classifying, requiring a minimum score of 5 points for approval.

For all functions, the objective test will consist of 25 questions, distributed as follows:

  • 5 Portuguese Language questions;
  • 5 Mathematics questions;
  • 5 General Knowledge and Current Affairs questions;
  • 10 questions of Technical Knowledge of the function.

Each question of Technical Knowledge of the function will be worth 0.55 points, while the other questions of the test will be worth 0.30 points each.

tiebreaker criteria

In the event of a tie in the scores obtained by candidates, the following tie-breaking criteria will be adopted, in this order:

  1. Candidates aged 60 years or over completed by the last day of registration, as provided in the Elderly Statute;
  2. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in Technical Knowledge of the function;
  3. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in Portuguese;
  4. Candidate who has been sworn in, pursuant to Law No. 11,689/2008;
  5. Public draw.

Validity of the contest and clarification of doubts

The expiry date of the Three Steps City Hall selection process will be for one year, counting from its final homologation, with the possibility of extension for the same period, only once.

Got questions? Just send an email to SC Training: [email protected].

Previous selection processes

In May, three notices were published referring to the selection process for the Municipality of Três Passos, all carried out by the company Legalle Concursos. Check out the opportunities offered:

  • PSS No. 26/2021: Nursery Monitor;
  • PSS No. 27/2021: Professor in Pedagogy, Art, Science, Special Education, Physical Education, Geography, History, English, Portuguese and Mathematics;
  • PSS No. 28/2021: Servant.

Candidates in the selection process were evaluated through an objective test, which was held on June 13, 2021.



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