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public notice and registration; 211 vacancies

SEJUSP MG contest announces 211 immediate vacancies for mid-level professionals. Candidates will be evaluated through objective test.

The Secretary of State for Justice and Public Security of Minas Gerais has announced public notice No. 01/2021 of its public tender that will fill 211 vacancies aimed at mid-level professionals. The organization of SEJUSP MG contest will be in charge of the Brazilian Institute of Management and Research (IBGP).

Professionals will be hired in accordance with the statutory legal regime. Check out our article explaining the difference between the CLT and the statutory regime.

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SEJUSP MG competition: vacancies

O SEJUSP MG contest is offering 211 vacancies for the position of Executive Social Defense Assistant (ASEDS) – Educational Assistant. Of this total number of vacancies, 190 are highly competitive and 21 are for people with disabilities.

The salary is R$ 1,750.10 for 40 hours a week and, to compete for vacancies, it is necessary to have the complete high school.

The contractors will work in educational centers located in the following municipalities: Belo Horizonte, Divinópolis, Governador Valadares, Ipatinga, Juiz de Fora, Montes Claros, Passos, Patos de Minas, Patrocínio, Pirapora, Ribeirão das Neves, Sete Lagoas, Teófilo Otoni, Uberaba , Uberlândia and Unai.

SEJUSP MG contest: entries

Entries for the SEJUSP MG contest will only be made via the internet, at IBGP website and during the registration period, which runs from June 16 to July 16, 2021.

Those who do not have internet access can use the point made available at the IBGP, which is located at Avenida do Contorno, nº 1298, Sala 8, Floresta – Belo Horizonte – MG. The service is from 09:00 to 11:30 or from 13:30 to 16:00 on weekdays.

The registration fee for the public tender will be R$ 73.97.

Candidate selection steps

The candidates of SEJUSP contest will be evaluated by means of an objective test, to be applied on the likely date of August 15, 2021 in the following municipalities: Belo Horizonte, Barbacena, Curvelo, Divinópolis, Governador Valadares, Ipatinga, Juiz de Fora, Lavras, Montes Claros, Patos de Minas, Poços de Caldas, Pouso Alegre, Teófilo Otoni, Uberaba, Uberlândia and Unaí.

When appearing to take the test, the candidate must present the Definitive Proof of Enrollment (CDI), the original of their identity document, transparent ballpoint pen with blue or black ink, face protection masks and alcohol 70% for individual use.

This test will last four hours and will be worth 100 points, consisting of 60 questions. There will be 10 questions on Portuguese Language, 5 questions on Basic Computing, 10 questions on Notions of Law, 10 questions on Human Rights, 5 questions on Logical Reasoning and 20 questions on Specific Knowledge.

Study hard! For, to be approved in this stage, the candidate must obtain a minimum score of 50 points and not zero any of the contents of the test.

What will the psychological assessment be like?

The psychological assessment will be carried out in the same municipalities as the objective test and in this assessment, the following will be taken into account incompatible characteristics for the position:

  • Alteration of vital energy;
  • Lack of aggressiveness;
  • Difficulty in relationships with authorities and compliance with social norms;
  • Communication difficulty;
  • Difficulty establishing interpersonal contact;
  • Difficulty adapting to social groups (teams);
  • Difficulty with organization and planning;
  • Emotional instability;
  • Lower level of intellectual potential.

tiebreaker criteria

In case of equality of the final score, the following tie-breaking criteria will be applied, in this order:

  1. Candidates aged 60 years or over on the date of the test, as provided for in the Elderly Statute;
  2. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in Specific Knowledge;
  3. Older candidate;
  4. Draw in the presence of candidates.

Expiration date

O SEJUSP MG contest It will be valid for two years, starting from the date of publication of its approval, and may be extended for an equal period, at the discretion of the public administration.

Announcement and other questions

Before registering, it is important that the candidate carefully reads the tender notice, which is published on IGBP website.

If you have any questions about the contest or difficulty in enrolling, please contact the organizing bank by email [email protected], by phone (31) 3213-5526 or WhatsApp (31) 99738-0080. The service is from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 11:30 and from 13:30 to 16:00.



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