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Selection process Lajinha City Hall

Selection process City Hall of Lajinha, Minas Gerais, opens 123 vacancies for candidates of all major levels of education.

With the operational support of IDESG – Institute of Social Development, Management and Technology, the new selection process Municipality of Lajinha, Minas Gerais. 001/2021, 123 vacancies are offered, distributed to the sectors of:

  • Family Health Strategy;
  • Municipal Health Surveillance;
  • Psychosocial Care Center – CAPS; It is
  • Social Assistance Reference Center – CRAS. 

Salaries offered in the selection process range from R$ 1,100.00 to R$ 10,900.00.

Positions in the selection process Municipality of Lajinha

We present the vacancies below in a didactic way, according to the sector for which they are intended. Check out:

Family Health Strategy

  • Community Health Agent (high school) – 40 vacancies + CR (reserve registration);
  • Health Assistant (high school) – 5 vacancies + CR;
  • Oral Health Assistant (high school) – 5 vacancies + CR;
  • General Services Assistant (elementary education) – 6 vacancies + CR;
  • Dentist (higher education) – 6 vacancies + CR;
  • Nurse (higher education) – 6 vacancies + CR;
  • Doctor (higher education) – 5 vacancies + CR;
  • Driver (elementary school) – 6 vacancies + CR;
  • Nursing Technician (technical education) – 9 vacancies + CR.

Municipal Health Surveillance

  • Endemic Disease Combat Agent (high school) – 7 vacancies + CR;
  • Back Pump Operator (elementary school) – 2 vacancies + CR.

Psychosocial Care Center - CAPS

  • Social worker (higher education) – 1 vacancy + CR;
  • General Services Assistant (elementary education) – 1 vacancy + CR;
  • Physical Educator (higher education) – 1 vacancy + CR;
  • Nurse (higher education) – 1 vacancy + CR;
  • Pharmacist (higher education) – 1 vacancy + CR;
  • Driver (elementary school) – 1 vacancy + CR;
  • Pedagogue (higher education) – 1 vacancy + CR;
  • Psychologist (higher education) – 1 vacancy + CR;
  • Psychiatrist (higher education) – 1 vacancy + CR);
  • Nursing Technician (technical education) -1 vacancy + CR.

Social Assistance Reference Center - CRAS

  • Administrative Agent (high school) – 2 vacancies + CR; 
  • Social worker (higher education) – 3 vacancies + CR;
  • Administrative Assistant (high school) – 2 vacancies + CR;
  • General Services Assistant (elementary education) – 3 vacancies + CR;
  • Driver (elementary school) – 3 places + CR
  • Social Counselor (high school) – 3 vacancies + CR;
  • Psychologist (higher education) – 1 vacancy + CR.

Enrollment and stages of the selection process City Hall of Lajinha

Registration has already started on June 18, 2021 and is expected to Completion on June 28, 2021, through IDESG page.

Participation fees are:

  • R$ 100.00 – higher education;
  • R$ 70.00 – secondary/technical education;
  • R$ 50.00 – elementary school.

The objective tests, the first stage of Lajinha's selection, are expected to be applied on July 25, 2021, in the morning (8:30 am to 10:30 am) and afternoon (1:00 pm to 3:00 pm) shifts.

The second stage of the contest will be the evaluation of the titles of candidates for all positions. 

Objective evidence of the selection process City Hall of Lajinha 

The objective written tests of the selective process Prefecture of Lajinha will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions, in the style A - B - C-D, for all positions.

To be considered classified, the candidate must obtain a score greater than or equal to 50% from the total points of the assessment set. 

The city where the objective tests will be held will be Lajinha itself (unless the number of subscribers exceeds expectations) and, as we said before, the event is scheduled for take place on July 25, 2021, with a maximum duration of two hours.

proof of titles

To participate in the title test, candidates must be considered qualified in the objective test. 

All documents required for this stage must be listed and informed by the candidate in the curriculum evaluation form (available online). It is necessary to pay attention to the period foreseen in the schedule for carrying out this phase. 

The titles that will be scored are the following:

Elementary, middle and technical level positions

  • Graduation diploma in any area, which is not a prerequisite for the position being disputed – up to 5 points;
  • Technical course diploma in any area, as long as it is not a prerequisite for the position – up to 4 points;
  • Improvement/qualification courses in the area – from 4 to 7 points;
  • Professional experience – up to 30 points. 

higher level positions

  • Doctoral degree in a related/related area – up to 5.5 points;
  • Master's degree in a related/related area – up to 4.5 points;
  • Postgraduate certificate at specialization level Lato sensu – up to 3.5 points; 
  • Improvement/qualification courses in the area of knowledge or related/related area – from 2.50 to up to 4 points;
  • Proof of professional experience in the position - up to 30 points.

notice and updates

All documents of the selection process City Hall of Lajinha are available at IDESG website.

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