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federal autarchy sends request for 430 vacancies

Inmetro Contest 2021: federal authority forwarded request for new contest. 430 vacancies were requested for different levels of education. Know more.

O Inmetro contest (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology), if authorized, can open a new public notice from 2021. According to the agency's advisory, a new request for a contest was sent to the Ministry of Economy in 2020, “with a forecast of 430 vacancies distributed among career positions at the Institute”.

Rumors circulate that Inmetro is preparing a new application for the Inmetro contest for this year 2021. We contacted the institute's advisory again. In response, Inmetro only reinforced that the request has already been made.

"Inmetro forwarded a request for a tender to the Ministry of Economy, with a forecast of vacancies distributed among career positions at the Institute", said the advisory. The amount requested in 2020 is the same as the previous request, in 2019 (430 vacancies).

It is noteworthy that there is currently a deficit of about 1,177 servers. In 2019, Asmetro – SN (National Union of Inmetro Servers) informed us that 75% of this deficit of human resources of Inmetro is in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The organ is headquartered in Rio Comprido, as well as a laboratory in Duque de Caxias, District of Xerém; both in Rio de Janeiro. It is a federal autarchy directly linked to the Special Secretariat for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness, of the Ministry of Economy.

Current status of the Inmetro tender

A current situation of the Inmetro contest, with regard to the opening of new vacancies, is not different from that of other state bodies: uncertainty due to the current fiscal situation in the country. For years, the government has been limiting the hiring of personnel for the public service. Proof of this are the repeated requests for vacancies (2018, 2019 and 2020, to name just the most recent ones).

The fact is that the agency depends on the qualified and skilled labor to meet your complex demand for assignments. And that also includes the time necessary for new servers to perform their duties satisfactorily.

In June 2020, Contests in Brazil asked what jobs were requested and the answer was forwarded on July 27 of the same year. See below:

Inmetro Contest: positions, schooling and remuneration

In the last request for the Inmetro contest, there was a request for 430 vacancies for the positions of: 

  • Executive Analyst in Metrology and Quality;
  • Executive Assistant in Metrology and Quality;
  • Senior Metrology and Quality Specialist;
  • Researcher-Technologist in Metrology and Quality;
  • Technician in Metrology and Quality.

Based on previous notices of the Inmetro contest, the positions of Executive Assistant and Technician in Metrology and Quality require a level medium/technical. The exception lies with the Executive Assistant in Metrology and Quality - Administration, which provides for the need to have only complete high school.

For the other foreseen positions (Executive Analyst in Metrology and Quality, Specialist in Metrology and Senior Quality and Researcher-Technologist in Metrology and Quality), it is required University education.

It is worth mentioning that, in the case of the position of Senior Metrology and Quality Specialist, it is probably necessary to have a doctorate completed at least 10 years ago.

Remuneration in the Inmetro contest may vary from R$ 4 thousand to R$ 19 thousand monthly, already considering food allowance, but these amounts are estimated.

In the 2014 Inmetro contest, the initial remuneration for higher-level positions was up to R$ 8,886.71, with the exception of the position of Specialist in Metrology and Senior Quality, whose remuneration could be up to R$ 16,512.95.

For medium and medium/technical level positions, the income from the last Inmetro contest was up to R$ 4,845.71.

All those approved will have the status of a federal public servant as their admission regime and, therefore, there is a guarantee of stability. The default journey is 40 hours a week.

Last Inmetro contest

The Inmetro 2014 contest had three notices and, at the time, 80 vacancies, distributed to the states of Goiás, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro.

Chances were for the following positions:

  • Executive Analyst (39);
  • Researcher-Technologist (11) and Senior Specialist (02 higher-level vacancies);
  • Executive Assistant (19, medium or medium technical level, depending on the specialty); It is
  • Technician (09 vacancies, technical medium level).

Edicts, templates and latest publications of the last Inmetro contest

Stages of the Inmetro contest

The next Inmetro contest, depending on the disputed position, may have the following qualifying rounds:

Executive Analyst in Metrology and Quality

  • Step 1: objective tests of basic knowledge, test of specific knowledge (objective tests and speech test), evaluation of titles and professional experience;
  • Step 2: Training Course, held only in Rio de Janeiro.

Senior Metrology and Quality Specialist

  • Title assessment test and scientific and technological production;
  • Evidence of defense and public argument of memorial; It is
  • Evidence of defense and public argument of the work plan.

Researcher - Technologist in Metrology and Quality

  • Step 1: objective tests of basic knowledge, test of specific knowledge (objective tests and discursive test), evaluation of titles and professional experience;
  • Step 2: Training course in Rio de Janeiro.

Metrology and Quality Technician

  • objective evidence basic knowledge and specific knowledge;
  • securities valuation and professional experience.

Executive Assistant in Metrology and Quality

  • objective evidence basic knowledge and specific knowledge;
  • securities valuation and professional experience of a qualifying nature.

What to study for the Inmetro exams?

According to previous notices of the Inmetro contest, the syllabus varies according to the positions and the level of education required. Below, we provide details on what usually falls into the exams for the Executive Assistant in Metrology and Quality.

This job in question has at least three specialties different: Administration (medium level), Accounting (medium technical level) and IT (medium technical level). Check out!

Syllabus for Executive Assistant in Metrology and Quality

Basic knowledge for all specialties

Portuguese language:

  • Understanding and interpretation of texts;
  • Textual typology;
  • official spelling;
  • Graphic accentuation;
  • Use of words classes;
  • Employment of the signal indicative of crasis;
  • Syntax of prayer and period;
  • Punctuation;
  • Nominal and verbal agreement;
  • Nominal and verbal regency;
  • Meaning of words;
  • Writing official correspondence.

Specific Knowledge - Administration Specialty

Financial math:
  1. Reason and proportion;
  2. percentage;
  3. Simple and compound interest;
  4. Discounts;
  5. Fundamentals of Financial Mathematics;
  6. Capital Remuneration and Interest Rate;
  7. Simple Interest;
  8. Compound interest;
  9. Uniform Series of Payments;
  10. Series of Equal Installments: Anticipated and Postpaid;
  11. Amortization Systems: French System, Price Table;
  12. SAC – Constant Amortization System;
  13. Cash flows;
  14. Net present value;
  15. Net Future Value;
  16. Internal Rate of Return.
Computer Basics:
  1. Concept of internet and intranet and main browsers;
  2. Main commercial applications for editing texts and spreadsheets, for electronic mail, for slide presentations and for the generation of written, visual and sound material, among others;
  3. Protection and security routines;
  4. File organization concepts and access methods.
  1. Notions of General Theory of Administration;
  2. Planning, organization, direction and control;
  3. Ethics in organizations;
  4. Principles and social responsibility;
  5. Quality management (how to define quality and non-quality costs);
  6. Service Level Agreements;
  7. Logistics and supply chain management;
  8. General concepts of purchases;
  9. E-commerce notions;
  10. Modes of transport;
  11. Inventory management notions;
  12. Inventory planning and forecasting;
  13. Inventory control methods;
  14. Storage notions;
  15. Organization and maintenance of a warehouse;
  16. Receiving, handling, storage and material distribution techniques.
Accounting Basics:
  1. Concept, objective and purposes;
  2. Revenue, expense, costs and results;
  3. Heritage: concept, components, variations and configurations;
  4. Accounts: concept, structure and species;
  5. Calculation of results: amortization, depreciation, depletion and provisions;
  6. Gross profit, cost of sales, operating profit and net profit;
  7. Valuation of stocks, Surveys, Inventories;
  8. Taxes and their applications in acquisitions in the domestic and foreign markets: notions of ICMS, IPI, ISS, II, PIS/COFINS, CSLL, IR, CPMF, CIDE. 3.9 Tax documents (Invoice for the sale of goods and services – valid models).

Specific Knowledge - Accounting Specialty

General contability:
  • Mandatory and optional books. Accounting records. Method of Double Entries. Releases of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th formulas. Accrual Regime and Cash Regime. Valuation criteria for Assets and Liabilities. Equity. Subscribed and paid-in capital. Capital reserves. Profit Reserves and Revaluation Reserves – Retained Profits or Losses. Equity Accounts and Income Accounts. Accounting operations common to commercial, industrial and service companies. Main Accounting Statements and their purposes; Mandatory dividends. Valuation of Investments using the equity method and the cost method. Inventory Valuation Criteria. Depreciation of Fixed Assets and Amortization of Deferred Assets. Tax Structuring – mandatory and optional books under the legislation of Income Tax/Social Contribution, ICMS, IPI and ISS. Records at the Board of Trade and Records at the Federal, State and Municipal Registers.
Commercial Accounting:
  • Accounting records of the purchase and sale of goods. Calculation of the Cost of Goods Sold; Mandatory and optional books, specific to commercial activity.
Industrial Accounting:
  • Accounting records of operations to form the Cost of Manufactured Products; the Cost of Goods Sold; of Operating Revenues. Fixed and Variable Costs and Direct and Indirect Costs. Direct Costing and Absorption Costing – differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Specific Knowledge - Computer Specialty

  1. General concepts and disciplines of software engineering;
  2. Object-oriented analysis and design with UML;
  3. GoF design patterns;
  4. Data modeling with Entity-Relationship diagrams;
  5. Development Concepts in Oracle Database;
  6. Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports tools;
  7. Programming logic;
  8. Object Oriented Programming;
  9. Data structures, sorting algorithms, search and hashing;
  10. C# and PL/SQL programming language;
  11. ANSI standard SQL language.

About Inmetro

Inmetro, according to information on its official website, is a federal autarchy, linked to the Special Secretariat for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness, of the Ministry of Economy.

It “acts as Executive Secretariat of the National Council of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (Conmetro), an inter-ministerial collegiate, which is the normative body of the National System of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (Sinmetro)”.

It has the objective of improve the quality of products and services of companies.

Thus, it acts by evaluating the minimum requirements (health safety, environmental safety, economic impact, etc.) for various products and services to be marketed.

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