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Selection process São Pedro da Cipa City Hall

Check which positions are up for grabs in each of the notices announced in the São Pedro da Cipa City Hall selection process, in the state of Mato Grosso.

Two notices relating to the selection process São Pedro da Cipa City Hall, in the state of Mato Grosso, were announced. The organizing committee responsible for the selection that will form a reserve register for professionals with different levels of education is Method and Educational Solutions.

Opportunities in the selection process São Pedro da Cipa City Hall

Check all the positions that are being offered in each of the notices that were announced by the municipality, highlighting that the opportunities They are only for reserve registration formation:

Simplified selection process notice nº 001/2021

Entry-level positions

Office Weekly workload Maturity
Light Vehicle Driver (CNH AB) 40 hours R$ 1,100.00
Heavy Vehicle Driver (CNH D) 40 hours R$ 1,146.22
Machine Operator (CNH AB) 40 hours R$ 1,146.22

Mid-level and technical positions

Office Weekly workload Maturity
Inspection Agent 40 hours R$ 1,100.00
Child Development Assistant (Daycare Monitor) 40 hours R$ 1,100.00
Manager to Serve the Bolsa Família Program 40 hours R$ 1,593.32
Social Advisor 40 hours R$ 1,593.32
Receptionist 40 hours R$ 1,100.00
Nursing Technician 40 hours R$ 1,100.00
Oral Health Technician 40 hours R$ 1,100.00
Administration Technician 30 hours R$ 1,100.00
Administration Technician 40 hours R$ 1,372.33
Social Security Guard 40 hours R$ 1,100.00
Visitor to attend the Happy Child Program 40 hours R$ 1,253.76

Higher-level positions

Office Weekly workload Maturity
Social Worker 30 hours R$ 2,222.26
Nurse 40 hours R$ 2,222.26
Civil engineer 40 hours R$ 2,925.44
Pharmaceutical 40 hours R$ 2,222.26
Physiotherapist 40 hours R$ 2,222.26
Speech therapist 40 hours R$ 2,222.26
Nutritionist 40 hours R$ 2,222.26
Dentist 40 hours R$ 2,222.26
Teacher (Higher Level) 20 hours R$ 2,164.68
Psychologist 40 hours R$ 2,222.26
Supervisor for the Happy Child Program 40 hours R$ 2,820.96

Public selection process notice nº 001/2021

The vacancies in this notice are for Community Health Agent – ACS and Endemic Disease Combat Agent – ACE, both with a salary of R$ 1,250.00 and a 40-hour work week.

Check the public selection process notice for which micro-areas the Community Health Agent vacancies are allocated to.

What is the procedure to register for the São Pedro da Cipa City Hall selection process?

Just access the Method and Educational Solutions website and register, but be careful, as the registration deadline closes at 11:59 pm on June 29, 2021. Registration can be done through the following links:

At the email addresses provided, the candidate will have access to the notices in full.

The registration fee is:

Level of education Registration fee amount
Elementary School R$ 30.00
Secondary and technical education R$ 40.00
University education R$ 60.00

In some cases, the registration fee will be waived. Check who can request:

  • Those who are unemployed or who earn up to a minimum wage;
  • Those registered in the Single Registry for low-income families;
  • Candidates who are regular blood donors, as long as they have made at least three donations in the twelve-month period prior to the publication of the notice;
  • Those who provided services during the electoral period, aiming at the preparation, execution and counting of official elections, plebiscites or referenda;
  • Jurors who serve before the Jury Court in one of the districts of the State of Mato Grosso;
  • Those over 60 years of age completed by the date of publication of the notice;
  • People with disabilities, duly proven by a medical report.

Candidate scoring criteria

The steps of selection process São Pedro da Cipa City Hall They vary depending on each of the positions in dispute, and there may be an objective test, practical test, essay test and qualification test.

Follow the details of each of these steps.

Objective proof

The objective test is scheduled to be carried out in July 11, 2021, lasting up to three hours, except for Teachers, who will have a four-hour test, as they will also take the essay test.

This first stage will be worth 100 points and will consist of 20 or 25 questions, being able involve Portuguese Language, Mathematics, General Knowledge and/or Specific Knowledge content.

The cut-off score for approval will be 30 or 50 points, depending on the position being contested.

Dissertation test

Exclusive stage for the position of Professor and will consist of a dissertation on a topic related to education, which must be between 20 and 40 lines.

This test is eliminatory and classificatory in nature, worth 100 points, and only the essays of candidates who obtain a minimum score of 50 points in the objective test will be corrected.

See the evaluation criteria for the essay test:

  • Mastery of technical knowledge;
  • Understanding and development of the theme in the proposed structure;
  • Case solution;
  • Domain of the standard norm.

Title test

The qualifications test will be worth up to 2 points, counting the courses taken by the candidate, as well as their professional experience.

Check the notice for scoring details for each of the positions up for grabs.

Practical test

Step to be applied to the positions of Driver and Machine Operator, also of a classificatory and eliminatory nature.

In the test, the candidate must drive a vehicle for 10 minutes, carrying out the requested tasks. During the journey, the candidate loses points depending on the mistakes committed.

Other information about the selection process São Pedro da Cipa City Hall

The validity period of the selection process is two years, and can only be extended once, for the same period.

If you have any questions about the selection or difficulty in registering, please contact Method and Educational Solutions by email at [email protected] or by telephone at (66) 99965-2416 / (65) 2127-6336 . Opening hours are from 8am to 12pm and from 1:30pm to 5:30pm.



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