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Monte Azul Paulista Mayoral Competition

The Monte Azul Paulista City Hall competition has opportunities for various levels of education with salaries reaching R$ 10 thousand.

O contest Monte Azul Paulista City Hall, in the state of São Paulo, opened its notice No. 01/2021 with 370 vacancies for professionals with different levels of education. Of the total offer, only 14 vacancies are immediate and 356 are for reserve registration. The selection is being organized by the Consulpam Institute and will be valid for two years, with the possibility of being extended for the same period.

See the vacancies for the Monte Azul Paulista City Hall competition

Basic Education (PEB) II teachers will receive R$ 12.43 per hour of teaching taught. The remainder of the salaries offered range from R$ 1,054.64 to R$ 10,258.82. The positions open in the Monte Azul Paulista City Hall competition are for:

Higher level

  • Administrative Agent II;
  • Social Worker;
  • Librarian;
  • Counter;
  • Dentist;
  • Nurse;
  • Agricultural Engineer;
  • Civil engineer;
  • Food engineer;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Physiotherapist;
  • Speech therapist;
  • Purchasing Manager;
  • Finance Manager;
  • Personnel manager;
  • Tax Manager;
  • Cardiologist;
  • General Surgeon;
  • General practitioner;
  • Dermatologist;
  • Occupational Doctor;
  • Endocrinologist;
  • Gynecologist;
  • Neurologist;
  • Ophthalmologist;
  • Orthopedist Doctor;
  • Otorhinolaryngologist;
  • Pediatrician;
  • Physician on duty;
  • PSF Doctor;
  • Psychiatric doctor;
  • Sanitary Doctor;
  • Urologist;
  • Nutritionist;
  • Assistant teacher;
  • Daycare Teacher;
  • PEB II – Sciences;
  • PEB II – Music;
  • PEB II – Physical Education;
  • PEB II – Geography;
  • PEB II – History;
  • PEB II – English;
  • PEB II – Mathematics;
  • Legal Attorney;
  • Psychologist;
  • Computer technician;
  • Occupational Therapist;
  • Veterinarian.

Medium/technical level

  • Administrative Health Agent;
  • Administrative Agent I;
  • Warehouse Agent;
  • Service Agent III – Painter;
  • Service Agent III – Welder;
  • Traffic Agent;
  • Health Surveillance Agent;
  • Tax Agent;
  • Mechanical Agent;
  • Auto Electrical Mechanical Agent;
  • Dental office attendant;
  • Confectioner;
  • Electrician;
  • Master of Construction;
  • Driver CNH B;
  • Driver CNH C or D;
  • Driver CNH E;
  • Heavy Machinery Operator;
  • School Secretary;
  • Agricultural Technician;
  • Nursing Technician;
  • Occupational Safety Technician;
  • Telephone operator.

Complete and incomplete elementary level

  • Vector Control Agent;
  • Kitchen Agent;
  • General Services Agent;
  • Service Agent I – Garbage Collector;
  • Service Agent I – Watchman;
  • Service Agent II – Electrician Assistant;
  • Service Agent II – Gravedigger;
  • Service Agent II – Gardener;
  • Service Agent II – Bricklayer;
  • Service Agent II – Plumber;
  • Service Agent II – Joiner;
  • Service Agent II – Bricklayer;
  • Baker.

How to register for the Monte Azul Paulista City Hall competition

Registration is now open and will close on June 25, 2021. Those interested in participating in the Monte Azul Paulista City Hall competition must fill out the online form at Consulpam website. In addition, it is necessary to pay a bill in an amount that varies according to the level of the position applied for:

  • Higher level: R$ 74.00;
  • Technical level: R$ 72.00;
  • Medium level: R$ 57.00;
  • Fundamental level: R$ 45.00.

Fee exemption will be granted to candidates who are blood donors or who are members of a low-income family registered with CadÚnico.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any problems, please contact the Consulpam organizing committee by telephone (85) 3224-9369 / 3239-4402 or by email [email protected].

What are the stages of the Monte Azul Paulista City Hall competition

Three assessments will be carried out, the first being a objective proof mandatory for all candidates and scheduled to take place on August 29, 2021. This stage will consist of multiple choice questions that may cover the following contents:

  • Portuguese language;
  • Mathematical Knowledge;
  • Specific knowledge;
  • Computer skills (higher level only);
  • Notions of Administrative and Constitutional Law (higher level only).

Anyone applying for higher-level positions will also undergo a qualifications test. The scoring criteria for the Monte Azul Paulista City Hall competition for this phase are:

  • Specialization in the desired area: 1 point per diploma, totaling up to 3 points;
  • Master's degree in the desired area: 2 points per diploma, totaling up to 4 points;
  • Doctorate in the desired area: 3 points (considering only one diploma).

Finally, candidates for the positions of Driver and Machine Operator will also carry out practical test. These will be evaluated on their ability, attention and perception linked to the tasks of the positions, as well as their ability to handle equipment and knowledge of workplace safety standards. 

Latest notice from Monte Azul Paulista City Hall

The last notice from Monte Azul Paulista was number 01/2020, intended to fill two vacancies for Teachers of different disciplines. Apta Assessoria e Consultoria was the organizer.

It is worth remembering that this was a simplified selection process and not a public competition. Understand the difference by accessing our exclusive article.

The vacancies were for the public roles of English Teacher and Music Education Teacher. The salary was R$ 14.44 per hour and the working hours were 21h40m per week.

The selection method was an objective test, consisting of 20 questions, 10 questions on Pedagogical Knowledge and 10 questions on Specific Knowledge.

The titles test was also applied, with the following scoring criteria:

Title Score by title
Specialization Lato sensu, with a minimum workload of 360 hours 1 point
Master's degree stricto sensu 2 points
Doctorate degree stricto sensu 3 points

The selection process will be valid for one year, with the possibility of extension for an equal period, at the discretion of the administration.

Notice and details can be consulted directly on the website of Apta Advice and Consultancy.

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