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CREMEC 2021 Competition: registration extended; 220 vacancies

Notice of the CREMEC competition (Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Ceará) opens vacancies for secondary and higher education candidates.

The Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Ceará has extended registrations for the notice that will replace strategic vacancies in its staff. According to document nº 001/2021, the CREMEC competition is under the care of IDIB. 

In total, they are offered 20 vacancies immediate and there will also be a selection of the best classified, which will be part of the reserve register, made up of 200 names. Registration is extended until the day August 16, 2021.

Interested candidates will undergo a careful intellectual assessment, with an objective written test, discursive test and qualifications test, depending on the position. 

All events related to the competition will take place in the state capital, Fortaleza, unless the municipality's allocation capacity does not accommodate the number of registrants.

CREMEC competition positions and salaries

In the table below, we distribute all the public competition opportunities:

Positions Requirements Starting salaries
Attorney Training in Law with OAB R$ 5,301.00
HR Analyst Higher degree with specialization in People Management or Human Resources and registration with the Board of Directors
Competent class, if any
R$ 7,068.00
System analyst Higher education in Computer Science, System Analysis or Information System and availability for sporadic travel R$ 7,068.00
Internal Auditor Higher education in Law, Accounting, Administration or Economics and registration with the competent Class Council, if applicable R$ 7,068.00
Counter Higher education in the specific area and registration with the Class Council  R$ 7,068.00
Tax Doctor Higher education in the area and registration with the Class Council  R$ 6,838.00
Administrative assistant Complete high school R$ 4,140.00

In addition to the starting salaries, those hired will have benefits, such as: food allowance, meal allowance, daycare allowance and health plan.

Registration for the CREMEC competition

Professionals interested in being part of CREMEC must take the first step, what is the inscription.

It happens, depending on the extension, until 11:59 pm on August 16, 2021, simply access the IDIB website, on the link related to the competition.

The fee charged is R$ 80.00, if the interest is to compete for Administrative Assistant vacancies. Other positions have a fee of R$ 120.00. 

CREMEC competition phases

As we mentioned at the beginning of this news, the CREMEC competition will have the following selection phases:

  • Objective written tests, with questions dealing with Portuguese Language, IT and Knowledge Specific;
  • Discursive test for Lawyer;
  • Title test for all higher level positions.

Objective and discursive evidence

These phases will be applied in the capital of Ceará, probably in the September 18th and 19th, 2021.

The test locations will be announced by IDIB in due time, remembering that the tests will be administered in the morning and afternoon shifts.

To qualify for the objective test, you must have a minimum of 50% of the total points of the test

The discursive test for candidates for the position of Lawyer will consist of an opinion, with a minimum of 35 and a maximum of 50 lines, and two questions with 15 to 20 lines, each question.

Title test

You required titles For the evaluation of higher-level positions, at this stage, they will be: specialization, master's and doctorate courses.

The notice provides for an exception for the positions of Internal Auditor and Accountant, which will only be awarded the following titles: 

  • Specialization in Public Accounting or Public Auditing;
  • Master's degree in Public Accounting or Public Auditing;
  • PhD in Public Accounting or Public Auditing.

Complete notice and validity of the CREMEC competition

The best way to resolve all your doubts is to access the complete notice, directly through the IDIB website

On the informed portal, there is all the information not reported in this news, such as the responsibilities of each position, program content, details of the tests and much more. 

Be sure to check the notice and its updates, before even signing up. 

As the CREMEC competition will form a large reserve list, the good news is that candidates not called immediately may have chances in the future.

After all, the contest will have a initial validity of two years, but this duration may be extended once and for the same period. 



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