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Army 5th Military Region selection process

Vacancies for all main school levels in the new Army 5th Military Region selection process, in the state of Paraná.

The Brazilian Army, through the Command of the 5th Military Region in the State of Paraná, opened applications to fill several vacancies, through several public notices. In this news, you will find all the details about the new selection process Army 5th Military Region.

The selection is being conducted by notices nº 005 – SSMR/5/2021, 006 – SSMR/5/2021, 007 – SSMR/5/2021, 008 – SSMR/5/2021, 009 – SSMR/5/2021, 010 – SSMR/5/2021, 011 – SSMR/5/2021, 012 – SSMR/5/2021 and 013 – SSMR/5/2021.

All opportunities described in these numbered notices are intended for composing a reserve register. 

Vacancies in the Army 5th Military Region selection process by area

The Brazilian Army 5th Military Region selection process offers opportunities in the functions described below:

Notice nº 005 – SSMR/5/2021

  • Doctor, in the specialties of: Angiology, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Cardiology with Specialty in Echocardiography, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Endocrinologist, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Hematology, Mastology, Family and Community Medicine, Intensive Medicine (intensivist), Generalist (no specialty), Nephrology, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology and Urology;
  • Dentist, in the specialties of: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dentistry, Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain, Endodontics, Implantology, Dentistry for Special Patients, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Dental Prosthesis, Dental Radiology and Imaging;
  • Pharmaceutical, in the areas of: Clinical Analysis, Hospital Pharmacy or Clinical Pharmacy, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Oncology/Chemotherapy and Parasitology.

Notice nº 006 – SSMR/5/2021

The areas of interest for this notice are: 

  • Administration;
  • Administration with Specialization in Foreign Trade;
  • Architecture;
  • Librarianship;
  • Social Communication with Qualification in Journalism;
  • Accounting;
  • Law with Specialization in Administrative Law;
  • Law with Specialization in Public Law;
  • Nursing with Specialization in Auditing in Health Services;
  • Nursing with Specialization in Oncology;
  • Nursing with Specialization in Pediatrics/Neonatology;
  • Nursing with Specialization in Family Health;
  • Nursing with Specialization in Intensive Care;
  • Nursing with Specialization in Urgency and Emergency;
  • Generalist Nursing;
  • Environmental engineering;
  • Biomedical engineering;
  • Civil Engineering;
  • Civil Engineering with experience in structural projects (wooden and/or metal);
  • Civil Engineering with experience in concrete structure and foundation projects;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Mechanical Engineering;
  • Chemical engineering;
  • Physiotherapy with Specialization in Hippotherapy;
  • Physiotherapy with Specialization in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy;
  • Physiotherapy with Specialization in Trauma-Orthopedic Physiotherapy;
  • Physiotherapy with Residency in General Intensive Physiotherapy;
  • Physiotherapy with Residency in Respiratory Physiotherapy;
  • Nutrition;
  • Psychology;
  • Social Work with Specialization in Social Management;
  • Social Service with Specialization in Social Projects.

Notice nº 007 – SSMR/5/2021

Reservation registration in the following areas of interest:

  • Systems Analysis and Development with an emphasis on JAVA Development;
  • Systems Analysis and Development with an emphasis on PHP Development;
  • Systems Analysis and Development with an emphasis on Development in PHYTON;
  • Computer Network with an emphasis on Linux Network Administration.

Notice nº 008 – SSMR/5/2021

  • Degree in Art;
  • Degree in biology;
  • Degree in Physical Education;
  • Degree in Philosophy;
  • Degree in Geography;
  • Degree in History;
  • Degree in IT;
  • Degree in Literature (Portuguese);
  • Degree in Literature (Portuguese) with specialization in English;
  • Degree in Mathematics;
  • Chemistry graduation;
  • Pedagogy.

Notice nº 009 – SSMR/5/2021

  • Roman Catholic Apostolic Chaplain (for higher education professionals, trained in Theology).

Notice nº 010 – SSMR/5/2021

  • Crusher Operator; 
  • Motor Grader Operator; 
  • Asphalt Plant Operator; 
  • Designer Designer Technician; 
  • Clinical Analysis Technician;
  • Administration Technician; 
  • Surveying Technician; 
  • Food Technician; 
  • Library Technician; 
  • Accounting technician; 
  • Kitchen Technician (Cook); 
  • Building Technician; 
  • Electricity and Electrotechnical Technician; 
  • Electronics Technician; 
  • Nursing Technician (various specialties); 
  • Biomedical Equipment Technician; 
  • Hosting Technician; 
  • Natural Sciences Laboratory Technician; 
  • Logistics Technician; 
  • Automotive Maintenance Technician;
  • Mechanical technician; 
  • Environmental technician;
  • Metallurgy Technician;
  • Technician in Operational Movement of Dangerous Products;
  • Pharmacy Technician;
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Technician;
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics Technician;
  • Advertising Technician;
  • Radiology technician;
  • Human Resources Technician;
  • School Secretariat Technician.

Notice nº 011 – SSMR/5/2021

  • Systems Development Technician with emphasis on JAVA Development;
  • Systems Development Technician with emphasis on PHP Development;
  • Systems Development Technician with emphasis on PYTHON Development;
  • Computer Maintenance and Support Technician;
  • Computer Network Technician with emphasis on Linux Network Administration

Notice nº 012 – SSMR/5/2021

  • Picolo Clarinet Musical Instrument in Eb;
  • Soprano Clarinet Musical Instrument in Bb;
  • Corningles Musical Instrument;
  • Bassoon musical instrument;
  • Musical Instrument Transverse Flute in C;
  • Flugelhorn Musical Instrument in Bb;
  • Bass Saxhorn Musical Instrument in Bb;
  • Baritone Saxhorn Musical Instrument in Bb;
  • Bass Saxhorn Musical Instrument in Bb;
  • Alto Saxophone Musical Instrument in Eb;
  • Musical Instrument Baritone Saxophone in Eb;
  • Tenor Saxophone Musical Instrument in Bb;
  • Tarol Musical Instrument;
  • Bass Trombone Musical Instrument in Bb;
  • Musical Instrument Horn in F, Eb or Bb;
  • Trumpet in Bb musical instrument.

Notice nº 013 – SSMR/5/2021

  • Building Electrician Assistant;
  • Diesel Engine Mechanic Assistant;
  • Category D or E driver;
  • Road Machine Operator;
  • Mason.

Selection process Brazilian Army 5th Military Region: registration, selection and complete notice

Registration is now open and can be done until July 30, 2021, in the specific link for each area:

There is no cost to register, regardless of the notice you are interested in. 

Candidates will be assessed through a curriculum assessment. The scoring criteria vary depending on the level of education of the position being contested, that is, depending on each notice.

In general, candidates' training courses and professional experiences will be scored. Speaking of which, professional experience, in some cases, is even mandatory.

To check all the details, the best decision is read each notice, which is available at the links above, for registration. 

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