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Caixa account has been blocked: how to release access?

Caixa Tem's security system ended up preventing some users from accessing their accounts. See the reasons for the blockages.

The second installment of emergency aid for 2021 has already started to be paid, but some beneficiaries are encountering problems accessing the amounts and ending up with Caixa account has been blocked. The president of Caixa Econômica Federal, Pedro Guimarães, even confirmed that the branches had queues of people trying to resolve difficulties with the platform. See what to do to grant access:

Why is my Caixa Tem account blocked?

The application lock action is a security mechanism to prevent scams and fraud. In 2020, several app accounts could be opened on the same cell phone, based on the chip number. However, this opened the door for a series of scams against workers who received the benefit. Therefore, the Institution chose to reduce the options to one account per chip and, at most, two accounts per device.

Therefore, it is possible that you have blocked your Caixa Tem account when trying to access it on another device or a new cell phone number. “Perhaps this is the biggest point in relation to blocks: we do not allow a large number of cell phone numbers per CPF because, last year, we identified this as the main weakness in terms of potential fraud”, commented Guimarães. 

How can I access my Caixa Tem account that has been blocked?

Last year alone, Caixa blocked around 3 million digital accounts considered fraudulent. Now, in 2021, some users ended up being harmed because of the security system, such as those who changed their number or cell phone. Therefore, the bank released two ways to regain access.

Information such as phone number and email cannot be changed through the application. That's why, The first way to unblock your Caixa Tem account is to go to a branch carrying CPF and original identity document with photo. The procedure will be carried out by an attendant, confirming that the requester is indeed the account holder.

The units are open from 8am to 1pm and customers can ask questions by calling 111. The second way to gain access to the application is at a lottery outlet.. Caixa authorized lottery houses to help unlock the platform, checking the customer's documentation. Just present your identity, CPF and the cell phone on which the app is installed.

Caixa answers questions about access impediments

On the Caixa website, there is a list of frequently asked questions about Caixa Tem to help customers. See below those related to account blocking:

  • I enter my CPF to access the CAIXA Tem app and when I click on “Enter” the message appears to search for a CAIXA branch. What should I do?
    According to Caixa, this happens when the system finds an inconsistency in the registration. In this case, go to an agency to have it regularized;
  • When I try to access the application, a message appears that there are too many CPFs registered on my cell phone. What does that mean?
    If someone else accessed the benefit on your cell phone, you run the risk of having your Caixa Tem account blocked. Caixa informs that simply go to a branch and request that other CPFs, which are not yours, be excluded from the app;
  • ​When I try to access, a message appears that the CPF is registered on many cell phones. What should I do?
    This means that your account was accessed on another device. Therefore, you need to request, at an agency, that the other cell phones be excluded and only yours will be valid;
  • I'm trying to unlock access and the code is never sent to my phone. What should I do?
    It is possible that the cell phone number you entered in the register was entered incorrectly. So, you need to request the change at an agency;
  • The application displays a message that “The list of questions could not be loaded”. What it means?
    This warning appears when there is a problem with registration. Therefore, to authorize access to your Caixa Tem account you must ask an attendant in person at the branch.

See how to recover your Caixa Tem password

Sometimes, access to the Caixa Tem account is prevented because the user does not remember the password they registered. In this case, there is no need to leave the house and you can do the entire procedure through the app. See the steps:

  1. Open the app and click “Sign in”;
  2. Enter your CPF and click “Next”;
  3. Select “Recover Password” and enter your CPF again;
  4. You will receive an email with instructions. Click on “Link to reset credentials” and register a new numeric password of at least six digits;
  5. Confirm the new password, click continue and then access your account.

Ready! Now you can check your emergency aid and other benefits, in addition to all the movements made.

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