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Atalanta SC 2021 Mayoral Competition: notice and registration

Registration is now open for the Atalanta Mayoral competition, in the state of Santa Catarina. The municipality is offering a salary of R$ 14 THOUSAND.

The City of Atalanta, in the state of Santa Catarina, announced the notice for its public competition nº 01/2021 that will fill a vacancy in the position of Doctor. The organizing committee responsible for the Atalanta Mayoral competition will be Actio Assessoria.

Hiring will take place under the statutory regime. If you only knew about hiring through the CLT, check out our article explaining the main differences between both types of hiring.

Atalanta Mayoral Competition: position details

The Doctor who is hired will be entitled to the salary of R$ 14,358.38 to work 40 hours a week.

To apply for the position, you must have a higher degree in Medicine and be registered with the professional oversight body.

What is the procedure to register for the Atalanta Mayoral competition?

It is very simple to register for the public competition, as the entire procedure is done online.

If you have training in the medical field, simply access the Actio Assessoria website until 10pm on May 21, 2021 and register.

The registration fee is R$ 120.00, and blood and/or bone marrow donor candidates may request an exemption from this fee, in accordance with current legislation.

Selection steps

O Atalanta Mayoral competition It will consist of two stages: objective test and title evaluation.

The objective test will be carried out on the probable date of June 20, 2021, in the morning, and appropriate sanitary measures to prevent coronavirus will be taken, such as measuring candidates' temperatures, providing alcohol gel and distancing 1.5 meters between candidates.

The written test will be worth 10 points and will consist of 35 questions, 5 questions on Portuguese Language, 5 questions on Mathematics, 5 questions on General Knowledge and 20 questions on Specific Knowledge.

Each Specific Knowledge question will be worth 0.35 points, while the other questions on the test will be worth 0.20 points each.

Candidates will have up to three hours to take the test and fill out the answer sheet and will only be able to leave the test location one hour after it begins.

Title test

To compete in the qualification test, during the registration period, the candidate must present the respective documentation at the Atalanta City Hall headquarters or send it via SEDEX, as per guidance in the notice.

Title scoring will comply with the following criteria:

  • Improvement courses: 0.05 point for every 10 class hours, up to a limit of 1 point;
  • Postgraduate degree at specialization level with a minimum workload of 360 hours: 2 points;
  • Postgraduate studies at master's level: 3 points;
  • Postgraduate studies at doctoral level: 4 points.

Tiebreaker criteria

In the event of a tie in the final grade, the provisions of the Elderly Statute will be observed, considering the date of the written test. Check out the other tiebreaker criteria:

  1. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in Specific Knowledge;
  2. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in Portuguese;
  3. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in Mathematics;
  4. Candidate with the highest number of correct answers in General Knowledge;
  5. Candidate with the highest score in the qualifications test;
  6. Older candidate;
  7. Prize draw.

Expiration date

O Atalanta Mayoral competition It will be valid for two years, counting from the date of publication of the approval of its final result, with the possibility of extension for an equal period, at the discretion of the Municipal Administration.

More information about the City Hall selection

Before registering, read the complete notice published on Actio Assessoria website.

If you have any questions or difficulty registering, please contact the organizing committee by phone (47) 3521-0078 or by email at [email protected].

Previous selection of the municipality

In March 2021, Actio Assessoria had already carried out the Atalanta City Hall selection process, governed by notice no. 02/2021. This selection filled vacancies for Lawyers, Nursing Technicians and Equipment Operators, with salaries of up to R$ 3,357.26.

Before that, in January, the selection process for notice No. 01/2021 was carried out for various positions. The event was also held by Actio Assessoria.

It is worth noting that these two selections were a selection process and the current one is for a public competition. If you don't know the difference between both types of selection, it's worth checking out this article on the subject.



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